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Welcome to AmeriStar Wireless!

We are focused on providing quality consulting and managed IT Services to:
- Apartment Complexes
- Condominiums
- Hotels
- Developments
- Office Buildings
- Events (concerts etc)
- Remote Communities

AmeriStar Wireless is your Innovative IT Solutions Partner!

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Have you heard that AmeriStar Wireless has partnered with your property to offer Internet?

If so, check for the available WiFi/Wireless networks on your computer and look for "AMERISTAR-HOTSPOT" If you see this network, select it as your connection, then open any popular internet browser. Try going to your homepage and our system will redirect you to a secure sign up page.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and soon enough you will be surfing the Internet with AmeriStar Wireless.


Whether you are a building owner or manager or simply want better service to your home, AmeriStar is ready to provide you with quality wireless IP services.

AmeriStar Wireless is a Member of the Better Business Bureau